Clearwater Continues Recruitment Efforts to Fill Healthcare Roles

Clearwater Continues Recruitment Efforts to Fill Healthcare Roles

Clearwater, a small community in British Columbia, faced significant challenges last year with repeated emergency room closures at the local hospital. The longest closure lasted for 24 consecutive nights, making it clear that the community needed to find a solution for healthcare staffing.

However, Clearwater has since become a model for other smaller communities in terms of recruitment and retention of healthcare professionals. By lobbying Interior Health and fostering a cultural change within the healthcare system, Clearwater has managed to improve its staffing situation and attract healthcare workers to the area.

While progress has been made, the community is currently facing a new challenge as a few nurses are moving on from Clearwater this fall. As a result, efforts are being made to fill these vacancies and ensure that the hospital remains fully staffed. Clearwater Mayor, John Blackwell, emphasized the need to maintain the momentum and promote Clearwater as an excellent place for nurses to work and build their careers.

Blackwell pointed out that Clearwater is just one doctor away from being fully staffed, indicating that the recruitment efforts are not far from achieving their goals. Additionally, with the recent departure of Trans Mountain from the community, more housing options are becoming available for nurses and doctors, making Clearwater an even more attractive destination for healthcare professionals and their families.

Overall, Clearwater continues to work hard to overcome its healthcare staffing challenges. Through ongoing recruitment efforts, a supportive community atmosphere, and improved housing options, Clearwater aims to ensure that its residents have access to the healthcare services they need.

– CFJC Today

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