Nearly 9 Million Americans Suffering from Long COVID, CDC Reports

Nearly 9 Million Americans Suffering from Long COVID, CDC Reports

According to recent reports from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 9 million Americans are currently experiencing symptoms of long COVID. This condition occurs when symptoms such as fatigue, cough, and brain fog persist for at least four weeks after the initial infection has cleared. In total, around 18 million Americans experienced long COVID symptoms in 2022.

Long COVID can have a significant impact on individuals’ lives, as symptoms can persist for months or even years. This chronic condition has been a cause for concern among healthcare professionals and researchers alike.

Dr. Celine Gounder, a medical contributor for CBS News, explains that long COVID can vary greatly in its severity and duration. Some individuals may only experience mild symptoms that resolve quickly, while others may suffer from more debilitating and long-lasting effects.

The CDC’s report sheds light on the widespread and enduring nature of long COVID, highlighting the need for continued research and support for those affected. Increased understanding of this condition can aid in the development of effective treatments and management strategies.

Long COVID remains a complex and evolving area of study. Medical professionals and scientists are actively working to better understand the underlying mechanisms of this condition and identify ways to alleviate its symptoms. It is crucial to provide comprehensive care and support to individuals experiencing long COVID, as the impact can extend far beyond the initial infection.

– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
– CBS News

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