Nosky Linde’s Journey: Seeking Life-Saving Information for Cervical Cancer

Nosky Linde’s Journey: Seeking Life-Saving Information for Cervical Cancer

Nosky Linde, a single mother from East Tamaki, New Zealand, never imagined that she would become a statistic in the battle against cervical cancer. However, she is determined to fight for her life and be there for her two children, Lorren and Dylan. Like many other women in New Zealand, Nosky’s diagnosis highlights the prevalence of cervical cancer in the country.

Cervical cancer is the 12th most common cancer among women in New Zealand, with 174 new cases diagnosed each year. Tragically, 81 women lose their lives to this disease annually. It is most prevalent in the age group of 15 to 44.

Despite being an active and relatively healthy person with little family history of cancer, Nosky found herself facing a stage 4b cancer with metastasis to her lungs. Her story mirrors that of many other immigrants who may have neglected their own health while focused on building a new life in a new country.

Supported by her mother, Jalinda van der Westhuizen, a retired nurse, Nosky is undergoing a relentless medication and care plan. They explore both traditional and alternative medicines and treatments to provide holistic care.

Unfortunately, Nosky’s treatment has faced setbacks. After four rounds of chemotherapy, new tumors formed on her spine and windpipe, causing severe pain. She discovered that chemotherapy can cause secondary cancers, a fact she wishes she had known earlier.

Nosky urges fellow cancer patients to inquire about a test called FoundationOne, which can determine the effectiveness of chemotherapy and identify the most suitable type. This advanced test is not commonly offered, but its potential to save lives makes it a worthwhile investment. She also highlights the Exacta Plus test, which offers comprehensive insights into sensitivities tailored to specific cancers.

With treatment options limited in New Zealand, Nosky is raising funds to visit the ‘Hope 4 Cancer’ clinic in Mexico, known for its innovative treatments. The cost of the treatment and follow-up is estimated to be $90,000, and she has received generous donations to help her on this journey.

Throughout her cancer journey, Nosky has been surrounded by a supportive community, including healthcare professionals and advocates for medical cannabis. This experience has revealed her strength and the remarkable kindness of her children.

Nosky’s story serves as a reminder of the importance of access to life-saving information and advanced tests for cancer patients from day one of their treatment. Ensuring targeted treatments can make a significant difference in their outcomes and quality of life.

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