Emma Frances Goode Shares Her Postpartum Weight Loss Journey and Lifestyle Changes

Emma Frances Goode Shares Her Postpartum Weight Loss Journey and Lifestyle Changes

Emma Frances Goode, a mother from Shepparton in Victoria, Australia, experienced exhaustion and weight gain during her pregnancy. Her cravings for high-calorie snacks led to increased pain and weight, making it difficult for her to even walk. After giving birth to her son, Harvey, Emma decided to reclaim her active lifestyle and embarked on a weight loss journey.

Emma credits her postpartum weight loss to several simple lifestyle changes and a shift in mindset. She started going on easy walks with her son in the pram, doing light housework with him strapped to her in a carrier, and using cans of food as light dumbbells for exercise. In terms of her diet, she opted for low-fat, high-protein foods with plenty of carbs and ensured she remained in a calorie deficit.

Despite not giving up her favorite snacks, such as chocolate, Emma emphasized the importance of enjoying them in moderation. She also focused heavily on her mental health throughout her journey. Emma believes that small steps and consistency were key in achieving her weight loss goals.

Emma wants to set a good example for her son and reminds people that there is no quick fix for weight loss. She encourages others to stay consistent with their nutrition and training, as the results will come over time.

Here is an example of what Emma ate in a day to lose weight:
– Breakfast (7am): Chocolate overnight oats
– Mid-morning snack (10am): Chocolate biscuit or fresh fruit
– Lunch (12pm): Bagel with two eggs and low-fat cream cheese
– Afternoon tea (3pm): Muesli bar
– Dinner (6pm): Spaghetti Bolognese
– Evening snack (9pm): Protein shake

Emma’s story serves as inspiration for those looking to lose weight and make positive lifestyle changes after pregnancy. No URL available.

Source: Daily Mail Australia

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