Thousands of Georgians Lose Medicaid Coverage, Creating Financial and Healthcare Burden

Thousands of Georgians Lose Medicaid Coverage, Creating Financial and Healthcare Burden

Georgia’s healthcare professionals are sounding the alarm on a troubling situation: tens of thousands of Georgians have lost their Medicaid coverage, resulting in a significant financial and healthcare burden for taxpayers. This issue primarily stems from procedural issues and the failure of individuals to receive important notices regarding re-enrollment requirements.

During the pandemic, the federal government waived re-enrollment requirements for three years. However, this year, rolling notices were sent out to families based on the date of their initial enrollment, and many individuals did not receive these notices. This lack of communication means that people did not have the correct information, such as contact details, making it difficult for them to stay informed about their Medicaid coverage.

Dr. Elizabeth Ford, DeKalb County CEO’s health special assistant, is taking the lead in addressing this problem and ensuring that uninsured residents are re-enrolled in Medicaid or PeachCare for Kids. She is working in collaboration with Emory University Hospital to spread awareness through faith and school leaders, with plans to hold a re-enrollment event in October.

The state of Georgia has sent notices to 162,000 of the 2.7 million Medicaid users as of this month. In July, the Georgia Department of Community Health reported that approximately 100,000 individuals had lost their coverage. Out of those, 160,000 have already been disenrolled. This situation could have a significant cost implication for everyone, as individuals without insurance coverage often end up seeking care at emergency departments, which is much more expensive than receiving care at a doctor’s office.

Moreover, there are health-related risks associated with this issue. Children who are uninsured may be sitting next to other ill children, putting them at risk of illness, regardless of whether they have insurance or not. The potential consequences of this situation underscore the importance of finding a solution to reinstate Medicaid coverage for those who have lost it.

To enroll in Medicaid, individuals must wait for their window to open after receiving a notice from the state. However, they can update their contact information on to ensure they receive these crucial notifications.

– Dr. Elizabeth Ford, DeKalb County CEO’s health special assistant
– Georgia Department of Community Health
– Emory University Hospital

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