May Mobility Partners with Contra Costa Transportation Authority to Improve Access to Healthcare in Martinez, California

May Mobility Partners with Contra Costa Transportation Authority to Improve Access to Healthcare in Martinez, California

May Mobility, a leader in autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, has announced a partnership with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) to provide its microtransit service in Martinez, California. The goal of this collaboration is to improve access to healthcare by offering on-demand transportation for healthcare professionals, patients, and their families. By providing convenient and accessible transportation options, the service aims to reduce medical appointment cancellations and absences.

As part of the partnership, May Mobility will integrate its autonomous vehicle technology into CCTA’s transportation network. The fleet will consist of seven vehicles, three of which will be wheelchair-accessible models equipped with an ADA-compliant wheelchair ramp and securement system. The vehicles will operate using Via, a leading TransitTech company, which will enable passengers to book rides through the May Mobility app or by phone. Via’s AI-based algorithms will match riders traveling in the same direction to create shared trips, maximizing efficiency.

Manik Dhar, chief commercial officer for May Mobility, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Our on-demand, autonomous microtransit is a perfect solution to aid CCTA’s efforts to improve healthcare outcomes and equity by helping patients get to and from their medical appointments on time.” This collaboration showcases the potential of autonomous vehicle technology to address transportation gaps in public transit.

May Mobility has obtained the necessary permits from the California Department of Motor Vehicles to conduct testing of its autonomous vehicles. In addition to serving medical facilities, the deployment will include stops that enhance overall transit connectivity. The partners plan to identify stops that connect the community with local points of interest and public health facilities to improve the quality of life for residents in the county.

Timothy Haile, executive director for CCTA, emphasized the importance of improved access to transportation for the community, stating, “They need reliable, on-demand transit to help them take care of their needs and improve their quality of life.” The collaboration with May Mobility will provide accessibility and flexibility to meet the healthcare needs of the community and beyond.

This deployment is scheduled to go live in early 2024. May Mobility, known for its expertise in accessible microtransit services, will expand its operations to include California, further strengthening its presence across multiple states.

(Source: PRNewswire, May Mobility, Contra Costa Transportation Authority)

1. Autonomous vehicle (AV) technology: Technology that enables vehicles to operate without human drivers, using a combination of sensors, software, and artificial intelligence.
2. Microtransit: On-demand transportation services that operate on a smaller scale, typically using smaller vehicles and providing customized routes.

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