New COVID-19 Vaccines to be Available in Manitoba by October

New COVID-19 Vaccines to be Available in Manitoba by October

The province of Manitoba has announced that new COVID-19 vaccines will be available to the general public in the coming weeks. According to a news release, the vaccines are expected to be available by early to mid-October.

The first round of immunizations will be given to higher-risk groups, including those living in personal care homes, individuals in hospitals, First Nations communities, and healthcare workers.

The announcement stated that the updated vaccines have been formulated to provide enhanced protection against XBB.1.5, which is a variant derived from the omicron variant. Health Canada has already approved an updated Moderna vaccine for individuals aged six months and older, and is currently reviewing the updated Pfizer and Novavax vaccines.

It is recommended that anyone who has previously been immunized against COVID-19, aged six months and older, receive the updated vaccine this fall. The recommended timing for the vaccine is six months after a person’s last dose or infection, whichever is later.

In addition to the COVID-19 vaccine, the province also announced that the influenza vaccine will be available this fall. It is encouraged that individuals get immunized against influenza, as respiratory viruses like COVID-19 and the flu can result in serious and life-threatening illness for some individuals.

The province of Manitoba is actively engaged in contingency planning in case there is a significant health threat from a new variant or pathogen. With the respiratory virus season expected to put demands on the healthcare system, it is crucial for individuals to take necessary precautions and stay updated on vaccine availability.


– Ministry of Health – Government of Manitoba

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