New Reports Show Increase in COVID-19 Cases in KMAland Counties

New Reports Show Increase in COVID-19 Cases in KMAland Counties

According to Samantha Beeson, Montgomery County’s public health administrator and Page County’s interim public health administrator, there are signs of an uptick in COVID-19 cases in both counties. Although limited information is available, data from the CDC website indicates low-level transmissions in both counties up until September 2nd. The latest Iowa Department of Health and Human Services’ flu report reveals a statewide COVID-19 positive rate of 15.5% and 120 hospitalizations in Iowa over the past week.

Beeson mentions that the symptoms of this latest strain of COVID-19 could be similar to those of other illnesses experienced during this time of year, such as the common cold or allergies. She advises people to be diligent about handwashing and symptom monitoring.

Regarding the vaccine distribution policy, Beeson explains that it has recently changed. Local public health offices used to order vaccines for all clinics in their county, but as of September 11th, the state has privatized the distribution. Each clinic will now be responsible for ordering their own vaccines, with the local public health office providing vaccines for those who are underinsured or uninsured. Individuals with medical insurance who need the additional vaccination are advised to contact their local healthcare provider or pharmacy.

These reports highlight the importance of remaining cautious and informed about COVID-19, even as vaccination efforts continue. It is crucial for individuals to stay updated on the latest information from reliable sources like the CDC and to follow recommended guidelines to prevent the further spread of the virus.

– Samantha Beeson, Montgomery County Public Health Administrator and Page County Interim Public Health Administrator.
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– Iowa Department of Health and Human Services’ flu report.

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