Kershaw County Distributes Mosquito Dunks to Control Mosquito Population

Kershaw County Distributes Mosquito Dunks to Control Mosquito Population

Kershaw County in South Carolina is taking proactive measures to control the mosquito population in the area. The county’s Emergency Management Director, Scott Wiles, acknowledges that mosquitoes are a common issue in the South and wants to provide a solution for residents and businesses.

The county is distributing “mosquito dunks” to all interested parties. These are biodegradable disks that can cover approximately 100 square feet of standing water. When broken up and placed in water, they create a thin film that helps prevent the breeding of juvenile mosquitoes and ultimately kills them off.

According to Wiles, mosquitoes become active and start breeding when temperatures reach 60 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. By distributing two free mosquito dunks to every household and business, Kershaw County hopes to limit the mosquito population significantly.

Wiles emphasizes the importance of addressing potential breeding grounds, such as standing water and poor drainage. Even something as simple as a cooler left in the yard can become a prime location for mosquitoes to lay their eggs. If water is left standing for five days or longer, mosquitoes have ample time to reproduce and thrive.

To obtain the mosquito dunks, residents and businesses can visit four designated locations in the county during regular business hours. These locations include the Government Center and various fire stations in Blaney, Shepard, and Westville.

Overall, Kershaw County’s initiative to distribute mosquito dunks demonstrates their commitment to improving the quality of life for residents and minimizing the nuisance caused by mosquitoes.

– Kershaw County Emergency Management Director Scott Wiles.

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