Kakao Healthcare and i-SENS Collaborate on Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices

Kakao Healthcare and i-SENS Collaborate on Continuous Glucose Monitoring Devices

Kakao Healthcare and i-SENS have announced a collaboration to supply continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices and data linkage-based blood glucose management services. In January of this year, the companies signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the chronic disease management business.

The partnership will leverage Kakao Healthcare’s platform and artificial intelligence capabilities alongside i-SENS’s biosensor expertise, including CGM devices, to provide innovative digital healthcare services. i-SENS will supply its CGM device, CareSens Air, which is the first locally-developed CGM device to receive approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and reimbursement. The product has been on the market since September 11.

The aim of this collaboration is to advance algorithms based on blood glucose data and to provide diabetes education for users, including the proper use of CGM devices and diabetes-related knowledge and information. Kakao Healthcare plans to launch its digital blood glucose management service in Korea in the fourth quarter of this year. The company is currently conducting tests for stability and convenience through the connection with CareSens Air.

In addition to targeting individual patients, companies, and screening centers, Kakao Healthcare intends to integrate its system with hospitals’ electronic medical records to enhance convenience for doctors.

The CEO of Kakao Healthcare, Hwang Hee, stated that this collaboration is expected to directly help patients by conveniently presenting blood sugar levels according to various life variables. The ultimate goal of the partnership is to reduce the prevalence of diabetes.

– Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM): A device that continuously measures blood glucose levels throughout the day and night, providing valuable insight into blood sugar trends and allowing for better diabetes management.

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