New Article: AI Innovator InSilicoTrials Receives Innovation Radar Prize for Advancing Clinical Trials

New Article: AI Innovator InSilicoTrials Receives Innovation Radar Prize for Advancing Clinical Trials

InSilicoTrials (IST), a leading innovator in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and clinical trials, has been awarded this year’s prestigious Innovation Radar Prize. Recognized for their groundbreaking work harnessing AI and predictive technologies, IST is poised to revolutionize medical research and improve patient care for individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS) and other diseases.

The European Commission launched the Innovation Radar Prize in 2015 to honor EU-funded innovators working towards successful technology transfer. IST’s CEO, Luca Emili, expressed gratitude for the EU’s invaluable support in providing vital resources and fostering collaboration, enabling the development of groundbreaking predictive tools and data-driven healthcare solutions.

IST excels in the domain of AI and smart devices, and their award was announced during the Innovation Radar Summit, held in Lisbon on November 13th. Among the 12 finalists, IST emerged as one of the three recipients of funding from the European Health and Digital Executive Agency.

Since its inception in 2012, IST has aimed to transform therapeutic and medical device development using computational modeling and simulation platforms known as in silico technologies. These powerful tools have proven to effectively reduce costs and save time during the development of novel therapies, facilitating prompt accessibility for patients. Additionally, IST strives to diminish the need for animal testing through the utilization of AI and computer models.

IST is actively engaged in four ongoing projects, each funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 or Horizon Europe initiatives. One remarkable endeavor is the BRAINTEASER project, focusing on wearable sensors to collate extensive data, such as health information, lifestyle habits, and environmental factors, to predict outcomes for individuals with MS and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. This project aims to uncover disease mechanisms, enable early detection, and prevent complications from disease onset.

Another innovative project called In Silico World aims to accelerate the adoption of in silico technologies, potentially substituting cultured cells and animal models in therapeutic and medical device testing. Currently, 11 diseases, including MS, are being targeted using state-of-the-art computational technologies.

The SimCardioTest project, involving 10 organizations across Europe and the U.S., aims to develop new predictive tools for heart disorders and expedite the use of computer simulations in therapy assessments. Meanwhile, METASTRA is developing groundbreaking methods for clinicians to assess fracture risks in cancer patients with spinal metastases, while also constructing customized treatment recommendations based on individualized fracture risks.

IST’s involvement in these projects, funded by the EU, plays a vital role in democratizing in-silico methods in drug development and medical device research. With their commitment to AI-driven advancements and predictive technologies, InSilicoTrials is ushering in a new era of clinical trials and leading the charge towards cutting-edge medical breakthroughs.


Q: What is the Innovation Radar Prize?
A: The Innovation Radar Prize is an esteemed award launched by the European Commission in 2015 to recognize EU-funded innovators working to transition promising technologies from the lab into real-world applications.

Q: How is InSilicoTrials harnessing AI?
A: InSilicoTrials uses AI and predictive technologies to advance clinical trials, develop novel therapies and medical devices, and reduce the dependency on animal testing.

Q: What are in silico technologies?
A: In silico technologies refer to computational modeling and simulation platforms that enable the analysis and prediction of outcomes in various scientific fields, including medicine and therapeutics.

Q: Which projects is InSilicoTrials currently involved in?
A: InSilicoTrials is involved in four ongoing projects, including BRAINTEASER, In Silico World, SimCardioTest, and METASTRA, which focus on advancing healthcare and pharmaceutical research, prediction tools for heart disorders, and assessing fracture risks in cancer patients with spinal metastases.

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