Product Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Driving Healthcare Transformation

Product Innovation and Strategic Partnerships Driving Healthcare Transformation

Inmar Intelligence, a leading provider of data-driven healthcare technology solutions, is making significant progress in the healthcare industry through product innovation and strategic partnerships. These initiatives are aimed at improving patient safety, optimizing supply chain management, and transforming the pharmaceutical industry.

One major advancement on the horizon is the full implementation of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and USP regulations in November 2023. Inmar Intelligence is committed to expanding its Serialization efforts with The RxTransparent Scan & Reconcile Module, which will enhance medication safety practices and ensure greater transparency and accountability in pharmaceutical supply chain management. Currently, six out of the ten largest health systems in the United States rely on RxTransparent, with projections showing that more than 45 percent of hospitals will utilize this solution by 2024.

Inmar Intelligence has also formed partnerships with Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs) and Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs). The company has renewed its reverse distribution agreement, Rx Returns, with Vizient and Vizient aggregation groups. Additionally, long-term group purchasing agreements have been established with Premier for Rx Returns and Sponsored Consumer Drug Take-Back. Inmar Intelligence has also secured a OneRecall renewal and MedEx expansion, along with a new long-term agreement for Rx Returns with MMCAP Infuse.

Another significant change in the healthcare industry is the upcoming Direct and Indirect Remuneration (DIR) change to point-of-sale in January 2024, which will impact pricing and reimbursement strategies. In response, Inmar Intelligence has re-launched Payer Contract Management and expanded its Analytics on Demand line to include the Pharmacy Revenue Cycle. These solutions empower clients to assess contract compliance and identify business problems efficiently through access to comprehensive data, trends, and benchmarks.

Inmar Intelligence is dedicated to promoting safe and responsible disposal of unwanted drugs. With over 8,000 managed drug take-back locations nationwide, the company offers the most comprehensive drug take-back program in the industry. By complying with pharma-funded drug stewardship requirements in every state, Inmar mitigates cost and liability for manufacturers sponsoring these programs.

Through its innovative solutions and partnerships, Inmar Intelligence is driving innovation, improving patient outcomes, and fostering a safer healthcare ecosystem. The company’s commitment to product innovation and dedication to its healthcare clients make it a trusted leader in the industry.

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