InComm Healthcare Partners with MDHearing to Provide Supplemental Benefit Funds for Hearing Aids

InComm Healthcare Partners with MDHearing to Provide Supplemental Benefit Funds for Hearing Aids

InComm Payments, a leading payments technology company, has teamed up with MDHearing, a direct-to-consumer hearing aid manufacturer, to offer health plan members access to supplemental benefit funds for purchasing over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. This new offering is available through InComm Healthcare’s Dual Network Benefit Card™, which can manage multiple health plan benefits on a single card. This collaboration aims to meet the increasing demand for OTC hearing aids following a 2022 FDA ruling that established this rapidly growing product category.

The partnership between InComm Healthcare and MDHearing provides a more affordable solution for individuals with hearing loss compared to the traditionally high-cost hearing aids. The OTC hearing aids offered by MDHearing, such as the Air, Volt, and Neo models, come with free lifetime support from licensed hearing professionals. MDHearing also provides remote screening tests, consultations, and adjustments for their hearing aids over the phone and online.

Doug Breaker, CEO at MDHearing, highlights the significance of treating hearing impairments promptly to avoid significant costs for both consumers and health plans. By joining forces with InComm Healthcare, MDHearing aims to make their high-quality and affordable hearing aids and telehealth services accessible to more consumers.

InComm Healthcare’s Dual Network Benefit Card™ allows Medicare Advantage, Medicaid, and other health plans to effortlessly add multiple supplemental benefits, rewards, or healthy foods programs to a single member card. Cardholders can utilize these benefit funds for purchases that align with the health plan’s program requirements, which may include items like OTC medicines, wellness products, and groceries. The cards are accepted at over 68,000 retail locations in the OTC Network® and are loaded with more than $2 billion in supplemental benefit funds annually.

This collaboration between InComm Healthcare and MDHearing aims to bridge the gap in access to high-quality hearing aids by providing affordable options to individuals with hearing loss. Through their partnership, they strive to improve the overall well-being of health plan members and reduce the financial burden associated with untreated hearing impairments.

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