Five Little-Known Behaviors Associated with ADHD, According to a Life Coach

Five Little-Known Behaviors Associated with ADHD, According to a Life Coach

A life coach has recently shed light on five lesser-known behaviors often exhibited by individuals with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Kelly Baum, who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 30, revealed these behaviors in a video uploaded on TikTok. The purpose of the video was to educate and create awareness about the neurodivergent condition.

One of the behaviors Kelly mentioned is the tendency for individuals with ADHD to listen to the same song repeatedly for extended periods. She explained that this pattern stems from a desire to extract all possible emotional engagement with the tune. Another behavior highlighted by Kelly is the inclination to procrastinate on even small tasks that should only take a few minutes to complete. This behavior persists despite the individual’s awareness of the minimal time investment required.

Surprisingly, constantly running into furniture is another behavior associated with ADHD. Kelly explained that this is due to the impact of ADHD on proprioception, which is the awareness of body position and movement. ADHD can affect this awareness, leading to accidental collisions with furniture or objects.

Coffee consumption is a behavior that can have unexpected effects on individuals with ADHD. Contrary to the energizing effect coffee has on most people, individuals with ADHD often find it makes them feel tired. Kelly attributed this to lower dopamine levels in individuals with ADHD, which are temporarily raised by coffee intake, leading to a more relaxed state akin to the effects of stimulant medication.

The final behavior discussed by Kelly is the tendency for individuals with ADHD to sit in the car for extended periods after arriving at a destination. This behavior is linked to difficulties in task-switching, as individuals with ADHD may struggle to transition from one activity to another. They may need time to mentally prepare themselves for the next task.

Kelly’s video has gained significant attention, accumulating over 3.2 million views at the time of writing. Many viewers expressed their relatability to the behaviors discussed, sharing their personal experiences in the comments.

These behaviors shed light on lesser-known aspects of ADHD, helping to increase understanding and empathy towards individuals with the condition.


– TikTok video by Kelly Baum

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