The AFC Provides $1.2 Million in Aid to Canadians Affected by Hollywood Strikes

The AFC Provides $1.2 Million in Aid to Canadians Affected by Hollywood Strikes

The AFC, a national charity that serves people in the entertainment industry, has announced that it has distributed $1.2 million in aid to Canadians affected by the Hollywood actors and writers strikes. Since the Writers Guild of America strike began on May 2, over 500 film and TV workers have received emergency financial support from the AFC. The need for assistance increased when the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists went on strike on July 14, resulting in the closure of more sets.

Sadly, the AFC’s emergency financial aid program for the year has already been exhausted, with over 500 additional applicants currently seeking help. As a result, the organization is reaching out to the public for donations. The strikes have caused a halt in most U.S. productions filmed in Canada, leaving tens of thousands of local talent and crews unemployed.

Many of those affected are gig workers who are struggling to meet their basic needs, such as buying food and paying rent or mortgage. Contrary to popular belief, the film and TV industry is not always as glamorous as it seems, and individuals working in the industry, including actors, directors, and crew, rely on steady work for financial stability. With the loss of income from the strikes, these individuals are facing significant challenges.

The AFC provides up to $2,000 in financial aid to those who are most at risk, but for many, this amount is not enough to cover their basic expenses, especially in expensive cities like Toronto and Vancouver. In addition to financial aid, the AFC also offers wellness webinars and sessions to help individuals find temporary work.

The organization has received generous donations from the cast and producers of shows such as “The Good Doctor” and “Fire Country,” with contributions totaling over $10,000. These funds will help individuals affected by the strikes to manage their situations and find alternative sources of income until the strikes come to an end.

The AFC’s commitment to supporting those in the entertainment industry during times of crisis is essential. As the strikes continue, it is crucial for the public to come together and support these individuals who are facing financial hardships. Your contribution can make a significant difference in helping them get through this challenging period.

– The Canadian Press (Sept. 18, 2023)

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