On-Site Medical Care: A Game-Changer for Employee Well-being

On-Site Medical Care: A Game-Changer for Employee Well-being

In 2021, Stephanie Koch, HR Director at Hendry Marine Industries (HMI), recognized the underutilization of the shipyard’s preventive health offerings by its 300-person workforce. Understanding the importance of employee well-being, Koch searched for innovative solutions and came across Walk On Clinic, a hybrid healthcare company providing on-site medical assistance. Impressed by their mobile doctor’s office and comprehensive services, Koch implemented the clinic at HMI’s shipyard premises to encourage employees and their families to prioritize their health through regular check-ups.

The impact of on-site medical care is not exclusive to HMI. A survey conducted by the National Association of Worksite Health Centers revealed that 91% of employees utilizing on-site clinics reported satisfaction with their healthcare experience. Furthermore, companies that offer such clinics experience a 59% increase in employee attraction and retention, along with a significant decrease in missed work days.

Koch emphasized that convenience plays a vital role in encouraging employee utilization of on-site clinics. By not requiring employees to clock out for clinic visits, HMI prioritizes its staff’s well-being without disrupting their work schedules. The proximity and accessibility to care enable employees to receive diagnosis, prescriptions, and other services promptly, creating a sense of trust and assurance.

However, HMI faced the challenge of low utilization despite offering improved healthcare options. To build trust and alleviate concerns, Koch’s team enlisted employees who had experienced positive outcomes from the clinic, including the diagnosis and treatment of serious health conditions. Their testimonials not only helped dispel misconceptions but also highlighted the genuine care and concern HMI had for its workforce.

Implementing on-site clinics may seem financially unfeasible for smaller businesses. Nevertheless, Koch and her team managed to save HMI approximately $1 million in 2021 through strategic cost-saving initiatives, which was reinvested in the establishment of the on-site clinic. While not every company may have the same financial capabilities, exploring alternative options, such as partnering with nearby clinics, can still provide valuable support for employees.

In January of this year, HMI plans to expand its clinic coverage to two days a week and introduce pharmacy services. Koch acknowledges that this approach may not suit every organization, but she maintains that employers must consider non-traditional healthcare solutions to address the broken healthcare system and prioritize their employees’ well-being.

Q: What is an on-site clinic?
A: An on-site clinic is a medical facility located within the premises of an organization or business entity, providing healthcare services to its employees.

Q: How does the presence of on-site clinics benefit employees?
A: On-site clinics offer convenient access to healthcare services, reducing the need for employees to take time off work for medical appointments. They promote preventative care and contribute to employee satisfaction, retention, and reduced absenteeism.

Q: Are on-site clinics only available to large employers?
A: While large employers often have the financial resources to establish on-site clinics, smaller businesses can explore alternative options such as partnering with nearby clinics to provide similar support for their workforce.

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