Prisma Health Enhances Patient Experience with Integrated Digital Technology

Prisma Health Enhances Patient Experience with Integrated Digital Technology

Prisma Health, one of the largest nonprofit healthcare providers in South Carolina, is revolutionizing the patient experience by leveraging digital technology to streamline and unify patient-facing applications. Through a collaboration with digital health companies Artera and Gozio Health, Prisma Health has created a single, all-in-one app that allows patients to navigate the healthcare system with ease.

The integration of Artera’s patient communications solution and Gozio Health’s wayfinding and mobile engagement platform has resulted in a seamless experience for patients. They can now book appointments, receive directions to the healthcare facility, and communicate with healthcare providers all through a single channel. This unified approach not only simplifies the process for patients but also enhances efficiency within Prisma Health.

Rich Rogers, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Prisma Health, expressed their commitment to improving the patient and consumer experience. By investing in digital technology, Prisma Health aims to empower patients to perform routine tasks, access healthcare services, and interact with the health system more conveniently. The ultimate goal is to create a more consumer-centric healthcare experience, where patients can easily navigate the complex healthcare system and access the care they need.

The integration of Artera and Gozio Health’s technologies has yielded significant results for Prisma Health. Since the launch of the Prisma Health Go app, downloads have increased by 10 times, with more than 74,000 mobile app users and growing. The app’s stickiness, measured by the rate of patients returning to use it more than once, has seen a remarkable 71% increase. As patients continue to engage with the app, Prisma Health can maintain a strong relationship with them, ensuring effective communication and proactive care management.

The benefits of this integrated digital approach extend beyond patient experience and engagement. Prisma Health has reported a 33% reduction in the no-show rate, resulting in an estimated $8 million in cost savings. Furthermore, the health system has successfully moved over 2,300 inbound phone calls to asynchronous text conversations, allowing for more efficient and timely communication.

With these achievements and the positive impact on both patients and the health system, Prisma Health plans to further develop its digital patient experience. By leveraging technology, Prisma Health aims to empower patients to perform a wide range of healthcare-related tasks, from finding the right healthcare provider to managing their appointments and accessing relevant information.


What is Artera?

Artera is a digital health company that provides a patient communications solution, enabling secure and multilingual messaging between patients and healthcare organizations. They offer integration with Epic, a widely used electronic medical record system, to enhance patient engagement and communication.

What is Gozio Health?

Gozio Health is a digital health company that specializes in wayfinding and location-aware mobile engagement platforms. Their innovative technology allows patients to navigate healthcare facilities efficiently and access relevant information, such as urgent care wait times and the ability to book appointments.

What are the benefits of Prisma Health’s integrated digital technology?

The integration of digital technologies by Prisma Health has resulted in numerous benefits. It has simplified the patient experience, allowing them to perform routine tasks, access care, and communicate with healthcare providers through a single app. This streamlined approach has led to increased patient engagement, reduced no-show rates, and substantial cost savings for the health system. Additionally, the implementation of digital technology has improved operational efficiency, freeing up staff to focus on critical tasks and reducing backlogged referrals.

What are Prisma Health’s future plans for digital patient experience?

Prisma Health has a strong commitment to enhancing the digital patient experience, and they have plans to further develop their digital capabilities. Their goal is to empower patients to perform various healthcare-related tasks using technology, including finding healthcare providers, managing appointments, and accessing relevant information. By leveraging digital tools and platforms, Prisma Health aims to provide a seamless and consumer-centric healthcare experience for their patients.

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