Exploring Healthcare Careers: Behind the Scenes with Tidelands Health

Exploring Healthcare Careers: Behind the Scenes with Tidelands Health

Georgetown and Williamsburg counties recently provided high school students with an exclusive opportunity to delve into the world of healthcare. The “Nurses are Extraordinary” program, organized by Tidelands Health, invited over twenty juniors and seniors who have expressed interest in healthcare careers to visit Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital and Tidelands Waccamaw Community Hospital.

During their visit, students were given a behind-the-scenes tour of the hospitals, providing them with a unique insight into the healthcare industry. The experience included hands-on learning opportunities, ranging from swaddling a baby to practicing CPR and donning the protective suits used in operating rooms.

In addition to the hospital tours, Georgetown County Fire & EMS were also present to offer lessons and provide students with a tour of a medic unit. This comprehensive program aimed to provide students with a diverse and immersive experience in various healthcare professions.

Caitlyn Krask, the manager of student and volunteer programs at Tidelands Health, emphasized the value of such experiences, stating, “What better way to learn about healthcare careers than to be behind the scenes in our hospitals? Students really enjoy the up-close experience offered through our Nurses are Extraordinary program.”

To participate in the program, students had to apply by submitting an essay and reference letters. This rigorous selection process ensured that those chosen were truly passionate about pursuing a career in healthcare.

Ashley Capps, the vice president of operations and chief nursing officer at Tidelands Health, expressed the organization’s commitment to nurturing future healthcare professionals. Capps affirmed, “Our Nurses are Extraordinary program is just one way we are helping reach promising healthcare workers and ignite their passion to pursue careers in the in-demand healthcare field.”

This hands-on program by Tidelands Health is just one of the many initiatives they offer to students interested in healthcare. They provide various mentorship and shadowing opportunities, allowing students to learn directly from experienced team members in a real-world setting.

If you are a student interested in exploring healthcare careers, Tidelands Health offers several programs to help you gain valuable insights and experience. Visit their website to learn more and discover the vast array of opportunities available in the healthcare field.

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