Distinguished Manitoba Doctors Support NDP in Upcoming Election

Distinguished Manitoba Doctors Support NDP in Upcoming Election

Several distinguished doctors in Manitoba are voicing their support for the New Democratic Party (NDP) in the upcoming election. Speaking at a news conference, these doctors expressed their concerns over the decline of Manitoba’s health-care system under the Progressive Conservative (PC) government’s approach to health care.

Dr. Brian Postl, former dean of the University of Manitoba’s medical school, criticized the PC government’s promises, stating that after seven years of damaging the system, it is hard to trust their commitment to fixing the mess they created. Other doctors shared their firsthand experiences of witnessing the deterioration of the province’s health-care system and the negative impact it has had on patients.

Dr. Eric Jacobsohn, an anesthesiologist and intensive care physician, pointed out that the PC government relied on outside consultants rather than listening to front-line health-care professionals, leading to chaotic hospitals and a lack of access to care. He stressed that while money may have been saved, it came at the cost of the accessibility and functionality of the health-care system.

Dr. Dhali Dhaliwal, Dr. Lesley Garber, and Dr. Kendiss Olafson also expressed their support for the NDP during the news conference, highlighting the party’s commitments to invest in hiring more physicians, nurses, and home-care workers, as well as reopening emergency rooms and establishing more neighborhood health clinics.

The NDP has promised to allocate over $500 million to hire 400 additional physicians, 300 nurses in Winnipeg, and 300 more nurses in rural and northern Manitoba within their first term. They also plan to hire more home-care workers and reopen three emergency rooms in Winnipeg, while establishing five neighborhood health clinics across the province.

In conclusion, these distinguished doctors have chosen to support the NDP in the upcoming election due to their dissatisfaction with the PC government’s management of Manitoba’s health-care system. The NDP’s pledges to invest in health-care personnel and infrastructure have resonated with these doctors, who believe that change is needed to improve the accessibility and quality of health care in the province.

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