Healthsperien President Tom Koutsoumpas Named as 2023’s Top Innovators by Modern Healthcare

Healthsperien President Tom Koutsoumpas Named as 2023’s Top Innovators by Modern Healthcare

Healthcare consulting firm, Healthsperien LLC, has announced that its Founder and President, Tom Koutsoumpas, has been selected as a Top Innovator by Modern Healthcare. The Top Innovators program recognizes leaders and organizations in the healthcare industry who are implementing innovative initiatives and achieving measurable results in improving care and meeting clinical and financial objectives.

Tom Koutsoumpas has been acknowledged for his contributions to driving innovation through his work at the National Partnership for Healthcare and Hospice Innovation (NPHI), where he serves as the Chief Executive Officer. NPHI is a not-for-profit organization that consists of over 100 hospice and advanced illness care providers across the United States. With their members providing care for over 150,000 patients and families every day and delivering over $150 million in charity care annually, NPHI plays a significant role in the healthcare landscape.

In addition to his role at NPHI, Tom Koutsoumpas serves as the Chairman of the Board for Capital Caring Health (CCH), one of the largest not-for-profit advanced illness care providers in the nation. He is recognized as a prominent leader in issues related to Medicare, elder care, advanced illness, and hospice care. With a career spanning several decades, Tom has held various positions related to healthcare, including advising on federal affairs at the Indiana Governor’s Office and leading the development of a strong federal and state presence for a major healthcare company.

Tom Koutsoumpas is also a co-founder and co-chair of the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care (C-TAC), an organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals impacted by serious illnesses. He has co-authored the book “A Roadmap to Success: Transforming Advanced Illness Care in America” and is involved in innovative initiatives like Act Now for Mental Health, which aims to expand access to mental health services for young adults.

Being recognized as a Top Innovator by Modern Healthcare is a significant achievement for Tom Koutsoumpas and Healthsperien. It highlights their commitment to pushing boundaries and pursuing excellence in the healthcare industry. Through their work, they are making a positive impact on patient care and the overall healthcare landscape.

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