Zocdoc Releases Suite of Tools to Help Healthcare Providers Reach and Manage Patient Care

Zocdoc Releases Suite of Tools to Help Healthcare Providers Reach and Manage Patient Care

Zocdoc, a platform that connects patients with healthcare providers, has announced the release of Zocdoc Practice Solutions, a suite of tools designed to aid healthcare providers in reaching and managing patient care more effectively. The suite includes intake tools that allow patients to fill out forms and send insurance information online prior to their visit. Additionally, it offers online scheduling solutions for patients to view provider availability and book appointments directly from a practice’s website or search engine. Zocdoc Practice Solutions also includes video services that enable providers to offer virtual appointments with HIPAA-compliant video technology.

These tools are not exclusive to Zocdoc marketplace customers and are available to all healthcare providers. They can integrate into any electronic health record (EHR) system and be seamlessly incorporated into existing practice workflows. A recent private Beta test conducted among Zocdoc’s existing marketplace customers showed that 35% of providers have already adopted at least one Zocdoc Practice Solutions tool.

Zocdoc Founder and CEO Oliver Kharraz, MD, stated that this expansion allows Zocdoc to move beyond patient acquisition and into patient engagement. The company has extensive experience facilitating interactions between patients and providers and aims to enhance patient care through Zocdoc Practice Solutions.

Zocdoc plans to further improve the suite by incorporating additional services such as billing and payment, as well as patient-provider messaging. This move puts Zocdoc in direct competition with companies like Phreesia and NexHealth, which offer similar solutions.

The release of Zocdoc Practice Solutions comes at a time when the demand for digitally enabled healthcare access is increasing. According to a survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of ModMed, six in ten respondents said they are more likely to choose a provider office if they can make appointments online. Furthermore, 48% stated a preference for receiving digital patient outreach rather than telephone outreach. The survey also revealed that 22% of healthcare consumers prefer to communicate with their provider offices via email, 14% prefer text messaging, and 12% prefer using the patient portal.

Overall, Zocdoc Practice Solutions seeks to bridge the gap between patients and providers, offering innovative tools to streamline and improve the patient care experience.


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