HCA Healthcare Hospitals in Tennessee and Kentucky Could Soon Be Out-of-Network for Cigna Insured Individuals

HCA Healthcare Hospitals in Tennessee and Kentucky Could Soon Be Out-of-Network for Cigna Insured Individuals

HCA Healthcare hospitals in Tennessee and Kentucky, including all TriStar hospitals in the Nashville region, may soon be out-of-network for individuals covered by health insurer Cigna if a contract dispute is not resolved by the end of the month. This could potentially affect a large number of Metro Nashville employees, including approximately 8,000 Metro Nashville Public Schools employees who receive health coverage from Cigna.

HCA Healthcare expressed their efforts to prevent this situation and stated that they are actively negotiating in good faith to reach an agreement with Cigna Healthcare. They emphasized their goal of reaching a compromise to ensure that individuals and their loved ones can continue to have convenient access to healthcare within their community.

Cigna has not yet provided a comment on the matter. Metro Nashville spokesman Sean Braisted acknowledged that if HCA and Cigna cannot reach an agreement, it would be challenging for some employees who utilize the TriStar system. However, he remains optimistic that Cigna will ultimately reach an agreement with TriStar that is in the best interest of their employees and the healthcare system as a whole.

Fortunately, the Nashville region is also home to other in-network hospital providers, such as Vanderbilt University Medical Center and Ascension Saint Thomas’ health centers, ensuring that individuals will still have alternative options for healthcare services.

HCA has established an information line for beneficiaries with inquiries regarding the dispute. The line operates Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time. It can be reached at 800-449-6425.

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