HCA Healthcare Foundation Partners with Girl Scouts of the USA to Launch Mental Wellness Patch Programs

HCA Healthcare Foundation Partners with Girl Scouts of the USA to Launch Mental Wellness Patch Programs

The HCA Healthcare Foundation has contributed a grant of $1.38 million to the Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) to create the Mental Wellness Patch Programs for girls in 4th through 12th grade. The programs aim to address mental wellness and provide resources to support girls in their emotional well-being.

Developed in partnership with the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the GSUSA Program Advisory Committee, the Mental Wellness Patch Programs consist of three modules: Knowing My Emotions, Finding My Voice, and Showing Up for Me and You. These programs encourage girls to learn about mental wellness, recognize and understand their feelings, cope effectively with mental health challenges, and feel comfortable seeking help.

Each program lasts for 90 minutes and includes engaging activities such as art-making and writing poetry to foster resilience and self-understanding. Meeting aids, parent/caregiver resources, teaser activities, and marketing tools are also provided to equip Girl Scout troop leaders and council staff with the necessary support and activities focused on mental wellness, behavioral issues, and healthy habits.

Additionally, an adult facilitator guide accompanies each patch program to help adults approach girls in a sensitive manner, initiate important conversations, and guide them through difficult moments.

HCA Healthcare has a long history of supporting the Girl Scouts both nationally and locally. The foundation has been a sponsor of various Girl Scouts events, including Phenom by Girl Scouts in Orlando, Florida, where thousands of Girl Scouts had the opportunity to learn about the Mental Wellness Patch Programs.

This partnership is part of HCA Healthcare’s commitment to promoting mental wellness in patients, colleagues, and communities. The healthcare organization has responded to the need for mental health awareness through various collaborations, such as working with EVERFI to provide mental health education courses for students and supporting Volunteers of America to promote mental wellness among first responders.

The Girl Scouts Mental Wellness Patch Program is an important initiative that will provide essential resources and support to girls across the country. To learn more about the program or to join the Girl Scouts, visit the Mental Wellness Patches page on the Girl Scouts website.

– Mental wellness: Refers to one’s emotional and psychological well-being, including the ability to cope with stress, maintain positive relationships, and make informed decisions.
– Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA): A national organization that aims to empower girls and young women through various programs, activities, and leadership opportunities.

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