The Legacy of a Beloved Pharmacy Technician in Kingsville

The Legacy of a Beloved Pharmacy Technician in Kingsville

summary: Oscar Vela, affectionately known as “Red” due to his red hair, was a pharmacy technician at Harrel’s Kingsville Pharmacy for 23 years. He was loved by customers and coworkers alike for his selfless and friendly nature. Red went above and beyond to make people feel welcome and cared for, often delivering medication directly to their homes. His dedication and kindness made him a local celebrity and a valued member of the community. Despite his passing, Red’s memory and legacy will always be cherished in Kingsville.

Oscar Vela, known as “Red” to many in Kingsville, Texas, sadly lost his battle with cancer last Tuesday. Red had been a pharmacy technician at Harrel’s Kingsville Pharmacy for 23 years, having originally worked at the former drug store that Harrel’s replaced. Over the years, Red formed numerous friendships with customers, coworkers, and even strangers who were touched by his kind-hearted nature.

Customers spoke fondly of Red, describing him as a true gentleman who always put others before himself. He was eager to serve anyone who needed help and was known for his willingness to provide information and assistance. Red’s dedication to his job was evident in his efforts to ensure that customers’ medication was ready for them even before they arrived at the pharmacy. Moreover, he made personal deliveries to their homes, instilling a sense of trust and comfort in his customers.

Red’s impact extended far beyond the realm of his workplace. As a featured individual on television programs such as the Texas Bucket List, people from all over the country would visit Harrel’s Kingsville Pharmacy specifically to meet him. Despite the attention, Red remained humble and focused on helping others, never seeking recognition or acclaim.

Although his absence leaves a void in the lives of those who knew him, Red’s memory will endure in the hearts of the Kingsville community. His legacy as a compassionate and dedicated pharmacy technician will be treasured both at Harrel’s and throughout the city. In the words of his lifelong friend Roberto Moreno, a part of the community died along with Red, and he will be missed forever.

– Corpus Christi Caller-Times
– KRIS 6 News

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