HACC and Penn State Health Partner to Provide Fully Funded Healthcare Education

HACC and Penn State Health Partner to Provide Fully Funded Healthcare Education

HACC and Penn State Health have announced a partnership to offer fully funded educational opportunities for aspiring and current healthcare professionals. The collaboration aims to address the need for skilled professionals in the healthcare industry.

As part of the initiative, pilot programs for medical assistants and phlebotomists were launched in July. Through these programs, Penn State Health covers 100% of tuition and materials for its employees and community members. In return, participants commit to one year of employment upon completion of the program.

Medical assistants provide support to physicians and nurses by assisting with patient care, laboratory testing, medication administration, and other tasks. Phlebotomists, on the other hand, collect blood samples for testing and diagnosis purposes.

The training programs offered by Penn State Health’s Grow Career Pathways cover 100% of tuition upfront as a loan, with a portion of the loan forgiven each pay period once the certificate is completed and the individual becomes a Penn State Health employee. The forgiven amount is considered income and will be included on the paystub and taxed accordingly over a 26-pay period.

“HACC is excited to partner with Penn State Health on this workforce development initiative and train individuals with a desire to enter healthcare occupations that continue to be in demand in our communities,” said Al Griswold, HACC’s vice president of academic affairs.

HACC and Penn State Health have plans to expand their program offerings over the next two years.

“With GROW, we are empowering individuals with choices and removing financial barriers for those who want to start or advance their career in healthcare,” said Hillary Miller, vice president and chief learning officer for Penn State Health.

Additional classes will be offered in the future, with exact dates to be announced.


“HACC to offer new medical assistants program in partnership with UPMC”

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Definition of medical assistants and phlebotomists sourced from the article:

Medical assistants: Healthcare professionals who work directly with patients, assisting physicians and nurses with various tasks such as examinations, laboratory testing, and medication administration.

Phlebotomists: Healthcare professionals who collect blood samples from patients for testing and diagnosing diseases or illnesses.

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For more information, visit www.pennstatehealth.org/grow-career-pathways or contact [email protected].

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