Tasmanian Government Urged to Increase Covid Risk Level Ahead of Christmas

Tasmanian Government Urged to Increase Covid Risk Level Ahead of Christmas

The recent approval of new Covid vaccines for children aged five and above has been welcomed by the Tasmanian community. As the number of cases continues to rise in the lead-up to Christmas, the importance of getting vaccinated and staying up to date cannot be overstated.

Vaccination remains the most effective way to protect your family from severe Covid infections. In particular, safeguarding children against the impact of the virus on their growing bodies is crucial. The Rockliff Government is encouraged to actively promote and support these efforts.

Experts estimate that the number of Australians currently infected with Covid is in the hundreds of thousands, and this figure is projected to rise to millions as the Christmas season approaches. With socializing becoming inevitable during this time of year, it is concerning that governments have seemingly abandoned their responsibility to protect public health.

Despite these projections and the recent tragic deaths of seven Tasmanians, the government continues to classify the Covid risk level as ‘low’. This raises concerns about how seriously Tasmanians are expected to take the risk when the government fails to communicate the true extent of the situation.

While it is understood that masks are required in hospitals and other high-risk settings, it is essential for the general public to be informed about the real risk they face. The government initially justified the decision to lower the risk level by stating that cases were decreasing or stable. However, the current situation calls for a reassessment, given the significant amount of Covid circulating in the community.

The Rockliff Liberals must take immediate action to increase the risk level and provide clear guidance to the public on protecting themselves and their loved ones during the holiday season. At the very least, people should be encouraged to get tested and wear masks if they experience symptoms. Socializing in well-ventilated areas and staying up to date with Covid boosters are additional measures that can be adopted to mitigate the risk.

It is our collective responsibility to prioritize public health, especially during times of increased social interactions. The government must step up and play their part by accurately communicating the risks and providing appropriate guidance to the Tasmanian community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Why is it important for children to get vaccinated against Covid?

Being vaccinated against Covid is essential for children as it helps minimize the risk of severe infections and protects their growing bodies from the impact of the virus. Vaccination provides an added layer of defense to ensure their well-being and the well-being of those around them.

2. Why is there a need to increase the Covid risk level?

The Covid risk level should be increased to accurately reflect the current situation and the significant number of cases circulating in the community. By doing so, the government can effectively communicate the severity of the situation and encourage individuals to take necessary precautions to safeguard themselves and their loved ones.

3. What can individuals do to protect themselves during the holiday season?

In addition to getting vaccinated, individuals are advised to wear masks in high-risk settings, socialize in well-ventilated places, and stay up to date with Covid boosters. If experiencing symptoms, it is crucial to get tested and follow the guidance provided by health authorities.

4. How can the government contribute to public health during this time?

The government plays a vital role in public health by accurately communicating the risks and providing clear guidance to the community. By increasing the Covid risk level, they ensure that individuals are well-informed and empowered to take the necessary steps to protect themselves and their community.

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