G20 Nations Unite for ‘Health Equity: Launch of the Affordable and Accessible Healthcare Initiative’

G20 Nations Unite for ‘Health Equity: Launch of the Affordable and Accessible Healthcare Initiative’

Accessibility and affordability in healthcare are essential for society, according to Mansukh L Mandaviya, Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare. In a significant step towards achieving global health equity, the Union Minister inaugurated the ‘G20 Affordable and Accessible Healthcare Summit Series’ in Delhi.

The Healthcare Summit Series, part of the ‘Health-20’ initiative, will be held in major cities around the world, including Frankfurt, Tokyo, Toronto, New York, Beijing, London, Vienna, Cape Town, Rome, Paris, Riyadh, Bali, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Istanbul, and several Indian cities. These events aim to highlight the crucial aspects of affordable and accessible healthcare while emphasizing India’s influential role in the global effort.

The initiative seeks to harness the collective strength of the world’s leading economies. Pulsus Group, a leader in health informatics and digital marketing, is supporting the initiative and is dedicated to driving this transformative healthcare summit series forward.

The G20 series is seen as a global platform for sharing knowledge and collaboration, bringing together scholars, clinicians, innovators, and policymakers to foster a potent synergy for healthcare transformation through innovation and research. The series also aims to nurture startups, connecting them with potential investors and mentors to inspire innovative solutions.

One inspiring example of achieving quality healthcare at affordable costs in rural areas is Bellana Chandra Sekhar’s model hospital in rural Andhra Pradesh. This demonstrates that even in remote parts of India, quality healthcare can be accessible.

This G20 healthcare initiative is an important step towards achieving health equity and ensuring that affordable and accessible healthcare reaches every individual, regardless of their geographical and financial constraints. The involvement of global leaders, experts, and the support of organizations like Pulsus Group will contribute to the collective effort of improving healthcare worldwide.

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