Former Canadian Security Official Says India’s Interference Activities Not Surprising

Former Canadian Security Official Says India’s Interference Activities Not Surprising

A former director of CSIS and national security adviser to two Canadian prime ministers has stated that he is not surprised by the allegations of India’s involvement in foreign interference activities in Canada. Richard Fadden confirmed that the Indian government has been meddling in Canadian affairs for a while, and he believes that previous measures taken to prevent this interference have not been enough.

The allegations of Indian government agents being involved in the death of a Canadian Sikh leader in June were reinforced by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who stated that Canadian intelligence agencies were investigating these “credible allegations.” Despite India dismissing the claims as “absurd,” Trudeau has maintained his support for the intelligence.

While some of Canada’s allies have called for a thorough investigation into the killing, there has been hesitance to publicly back these allegations due to the delicate diplomatic situation with India. The U.S. State Department and National Security Council have both expressed concern and called for a comprehensive investigation, emphasizing the need for transparency.

Vincent Rigby, another former national security adviser, acknowledged that these allegations can complicate the relationship between Canada and India, two long-standing allies. He stressed that although India is not typically considered a hostile state actor like China or Russia, these actions are still considered hostile and not benign.

Fadden dismissed the reservations expressed by Canada’s allies and emphasized the importance of unity in addressing this issue. He acknowledges that each country has its own interests to consider, but believes that Canada needs the support of its allies, publicly or privately, to deter India from engaging in similar activities again.

It is critical for Canada to conduct a thorough investigation into these allegations and bring the perpetrators to justice. The cooperation of India in the investigation is necessary, as urged by both the U.S. government and Canadian officials. It remains to be seen how Canada will proceed in light of these allegations and the potential impact on its relationship with India.

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