Disappointed Fans Left Confused by Kevin Hart’s Short Performance at Vancouver Comedy Festival

Disappointed Fans Left Confused by Kevin Hart’s Short Performance at Vancouver Comedy Festival

Many fans of comedian Kevin Hart were left feeling confused and disappointed after attending the Great Outdoors Comedy Festival in Vancouver’s Stanley Park. Attendees, including Langley resident Jessica Mattice, expressed dissatisfaction with Hart’s performance, claiming it felt much shorter than expected.

Mattice stated that Hart’s set “felt like 15 to 20 minutes,” leaving the audience stunned when he abruptly exited the stage, saying, “It felt like he was just starting and then it was done. It was ridiculous.” This was contrary to the usual expectation that the headliner, in this case Hart, would perform the longest set.

Although audience members were required to check their phones and smart watches before the show, making it difficult to determine the exact length of Hart’s performance, many fans agreed with Mattice’s estimate that it was less than 20 minutes. The two opening acts also started late, which further disappointed attendees.

Attendees with VIP tickets, including Mattice, who spent $240 on her ticket, felt especially let down by the short duration of Hart’s performance. They criticized the event as a “waste of money” and labeled Hart’s show as “the worst show ever.” Comparatively, the festival’s performance by Russell Peters on Friday lasted over an hour and started on time.

Some fans initially speculated that there may have been a security issue, given the presence of numerous guards during Hart’s set. However, there were no reports of such incidents. In contrast, during Peters’ set, security apprehended an individual who had allegedly breached a fence and approached the stage carrying an “edged weapon.”

Despite the disappointment, the festival’s Instagram page contained comments from satisfied attendees of other performances, such as Jerry Seinfeld’s set in Halifax. The event organizers have yet to respond to requests for comment on the situation.

In conclusion, Kevin Hart’s brief performance has left fans perplexed and dissatisfied, having spent significant amounts of money and expecting a longer and more entertaining show. The contrast with other performances at the festival only served to magnify their disappointment.

– CTV News

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