Babatope Fatuyi, MD Recognized for Leadership in Health Technology Integration

Babatope Fatuyi, MD Recognized for Leadership in Health Technology Integration

Hospital and health system Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) at UTHealth Houston, Babatope Fatuyi, MD, has been acknowledged by Becker’s Healthcare as one of the top CMIOs and Chief Nursing Informatics Officers (CNIOs) to watch in 2023. This prestigious national list highlights healthcare professionals who leverage innovative technology to enhance the efficiency of healthcare delivery.

Dr. Fatuyi’s inclusion on this esteemed list is a testament to his dedication to advancing healthcare through the integration of cutting-edge technology. As the only physician in Houston and one of five in Texas to be recognized, Dr. Fatuyi’s work exemplifies his commitment to improving patient outcomes and overall healthcare experiences.

In his role as CMIO, Dr. Fatuyi places great emphasis on the human factor in the increasingly digital landscape of healthcare. He understands the vital importance of considering the needs of physicians beyond electronic health records (EHRs) and seeks to provide comprehensive support to care teams. Dr. Fatuyi’s ability to bridge the gap between technology and the human touch sets him apart as a leader in health technology integration.

Dr. Fatuyi’s contributions at UTHealth Houston, where he serves as chair of the EHR Governance Taskforce and the organization’s Center for Digital Healthcare Innovation steering committee, have been instrumental in driving forward digital initiatives that enhance patient care.

Recognizing the collaborative nature of his achievements, Dr. Fatuyi extends his gratitude to the leaders at UTHealth Houston and UT Physicians, as well as his colleagues within The University of Texas System. Focused on the well-being of patients, faculty practice, and the university’s operations, Dr. Fatuyi and his team continue to strive for excellence in all their endeavors.

As part of this well-deserved recognition, Dr. Fatuyi has also been invited to speak at one of Becker’s Healthcare annual meetings in 2024, where he will share his insights and expertise with other healthcare professionals.


What is a CMIO?

A CMIO, or Chief Medical Information Officer, is a healthcare professional who combines medical expertise with knowledge of information technology to drive innovation and efficiency in healthcare delivery.

What is a CNIO?

A CNIO, or Chief Nursing Informatics Officer, is a nursing professional who specializes in integrating nursing science, computer science, and information science to optimize nursing care delivery and patient outcomes.

What is EHR?

EHR stands for Electronic Health Record, which is a digital version of a patient’s medical history that is stored and accessible electronically. EHRs enable healthcare providers to securely access and share patient information, improving coordination of care and reducing errors.

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