The Optometry Times EyeCon® 2023: Connecting Eye Care Professionals for Enhanced Patient Care

The Optometry Times EyeCon® 2023: Connecting Eye Care Professionals for Enhanced Patient Care

The Optometry Times EyeCon® 2023 conference, taking place on December 1 and 2, 2023, at the Marriott Sanibel Harbour Resort & Spa in Fort Myers, Florida, will bring together leading eye care professionals from across the nation. This event offers a unique opportunity for optometrists and ophthalmologists to share the latest advancements in technology, best practices, and patient care strategies.

One of the highlights of this year’s EyeCon meeting is the dual tracks for optometry and ophthalmology, promoting greater communication and collaboration among eye care professionals. This interdisciplinary approach allows attendees to learn from their colleagues in different specialties, gaining valuable insights into the latest developments and trends in the field.

Dr. Oluwatosin U. Smith, co-chair of EyeCon 2023 and a glaucoma specialist at Glaucoma Associates of Texas, expressed excitement about the meeting and the diverse range of topics that will be covered. This includes sessions on comanagement, where joint discussions between ophthalmologists and optometrists will take place. The importance of collaboration is evident as both professions often work together in patient care, such as in cataract surgery referrals and management of conditions like macular degeneration and myopia.

Technology plays a crucial role in the advancement of eye care, and EyeCon 2023 will address this by exploring the topic of home monitoring for patients. The ability for patients to monitor their own eye health at home through approved technologies enables more comprehensive disease management. This innovative approach reduces the need for frequent visits to the doctor’s office and allows for better disease monitoring.

What sets EyeCon 2023 apart from other conferences is its focus on continuing medical education (CME) and the opportunity to catch up with the latest updates in ophthalmology. In addition to the educational benefits, the conference location in sunny Florida offers a chance to getaway and enjoy a warmer climate in December. Attendees are encouraged to bring their families along to make the most of this time while engaging in meaningful conversations and exploring new products and services.

In conclusion, The Optometry Times EyeCon® 2023 conference is a highly anticipated event that will bring together eye care professionals to enhance their knowledge, share best practices, and improve patient care. With its interdisciplinary approach, focus on technology, and unique setting, EyeCon 2023 promises to be a valuable experience for all attendees.

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