Exploring the Epic UGM and Civitas Conferences

Exploring the Epic UGM and Civitas Conferences

In the recent episode of the Healthcare IT Today podcast, the hosts delved into the highlights of the Epic UGM and Civitas conferences. They began by discussing the major announcements made during this year’s Epic UGM conference. Although the specific details were not mentioned, it piques one’s curiosity about the exciting developments in the healthcare IT field.

Furthermore, the hosts pondered on the topics that were expected to be addressed but were not discussed or announced at Epic UGM. These unexplored areas could potentially hold significant importance, and it is intriguing to consider why they were left untouched.

Moving on to the Civitas conference, the hosts engaged in a thought-provoking debate regarding the authenticity of initiatives such as TEFCA (Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement) and QHINs (Qualified Health Information Networks). They questioned whether these endeavors were truly groundbreaking or merely perceived as such.

The podcast concluded by shedding light on a new concept called the health data utility (HDU). While the term was not explicitly defined, it seems to refer to a system or platform that facilitates the secure exchange of healthcare data between different stakeholders. Exploring the potential benefits and implications of HDUs could significantly impact the healthcare landscape.

The Healthcare IT Today podcast unveiled exciting insights and discussions surrounding the recent Epic UGM and Civitas conferences. By analyzing the big announcements, highlighting the topics left unaddressed, debating the credibility of TEFCA and QHINs, and introducing the concept of health data utilities, the hosts provided listeners with valuable information and perspectives on the evolving healthcare IT industry.

– Healthcare IT Today podcast episode
– Definitions:
– Epic UGM: An annual conference hosted by Epic Systems Corporation, a leading healthcare software company, to showcase their latest innovations and services.
– Civitas conference: A healthcare conference focused on discussing and exploring advancements and trends in the healthcare IT industry.
– TEFCA: Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement, an initiative by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) to establish a common framework for health data exchange.
– QHINs: Qualified Health Information Networks, organizations that participate in health information exchange activities as outlined by TEFCA.
– Health data utility (HDU): A platform or system that enables secure and efficient exchange of healthcare data between various entities.

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