HIMSS23 APAC: Advancing Digital Health Transformations in Indonesia

HIMSS23 APAC: Advancing Digital Health Transformations in Indonesia

The HIMSS23 APAC conference has returned to Indonesia, this time in Jakarta, the country’s capital, to assess the progress of digital health transformations throughout the archipelago. With the theme “Health that Connects, Tech that Cares,” the conference focuses on various topics, including interoperability, cybersecurity, responsible use of AI, and the modernization of digital infrastructure. During the event, case studies from the region will provide valuable lessons in digital transformation.

In his welcome address, HIMSS President and CEO Hal Wolf emphasized the importance of utilizing technology to connect individuals to the right care. This approach enables care to be brought forward to the individual and bridges the gap between the individual and healthcare settings. Indonesia’s Deputy Minister of Health, Dr Dante Saksono Harbuwono, also spoke about the country’s achievements in building a resilient and sustainable health ecosystem following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indonesia has been actively seeking investment opportunities in its medical device industry, connecting local players with global investors from China, Germany, the United States, and the Middle East. With a projected compound annual growth rate of 12%, the industry is positioned to meet the unfulfilled demand for innovative solutions.

According to Dr Harbuwono, improving healthcare through technological solutions requires more than just the technology itself. Empowering patients to take control of their health and equipping healthcare providers with the necessary tools are crucial aspects of this transformation. Pak Setiaji, the chief of the Digital Transformation Office of the Indonesian Ministry of Health and chairperson of HIMSS23 APAC, highlighted the progress Indonesia has made in digital transformation. This includes the release of the Digital Health Transformation Blueprint 2024 and the transition to SatuSehat, a national integrated health data exchange platform.

In his opening address, Setiaji emphasized the potential for industry-wide collaboration, particularly in the area of data and information. By building trust and solidifying their commitment to a better healthcare system, collaboration can be achieved on a synergic, synchronized, and well-governed level. The conference aims to maintain this momentum of collaboration and encourages continued cooperation for the advancement of digital health transformations in Indonesia.

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