Introducing the Dr. Brian Blick Grant for Healthcare Students, Inspiring Future Innovators in Healthcare

Introducing the Dr. Brian Blick Grant for Healthcare Students, Inspiring Future Innovators in Healthcare

A new scholarship opportunity has been announced by Elk City physician Dr. Brian Blick, aimed at inspiring future healthcare professionals to develop creative solutions to pressing medical challenges. The Dr. Brian Blick Grant for Healthcare Students, based in Elk City, OK, will provide a $1,000 award to a currently enrolled college or high school student pursuing a degree in a healthcare field. Applications are now open for the grant, which will be awarded annually.

Founded by Dr. Brian Blick, an anesthesiologist based in Elk City, the grant aims to support and encourage students dedicated to healthcare. Dr. Blick expressed his admiration for the passion and talent he has witnessed in the next generation of healthcare professionals. He hopes that the grant will empower students to turn their ideas into realities that could truly make a difference in healthcare on both national and global levels.

To apply for the grant, students are required to submit a 1000-word essay answering the question, “What is a national or global healthcare problem that concerns you, and what innovative solutions do you propose to address it?” Dr. Brian Blick emphasized the importance of research and creative, outside-the-box ideas in tackling major healthcare challenges.

The winner of the grant will be announced on November 15, 2023 and will receive $1,000 to be used for educational expenses. Dr. Brian Blick, a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and founder of Western Oklahoma Pain Specialists, established the grant out of his dedication to healthcare and education. He completed his medical degree at Ross University School of Medicine in 2013, followed by an anesthesiology residency at the University of Kansas in 2017. Dr. Blick further specialized in pain medicine by completing a fellowship at Louisiana State University in 2023.

The deadline to submit applications for the grant is October 15, 2023. All current and future healthcare students are strongly encouraged to apply. Further eligibility requirements, submission guidelines, and additional details can be found on the Dr. Brian Blick Grant website.

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1. Anesthesiologist: A medical doctor who specializes in providing anesthesia and pain management during surgical procedures.
2. Residency: A period of supervised practical training in a medical specialty after completing medical school.
3. Fellowship: Advanced medical training in a subspecialty after completing a residency.

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