Cautionary Tale: Pop a Pimple, Risk a Staph Infection

Cautionary Tale: Pop a Pimple, Risk a Staph Infection

A 25-year-old creator from Louisiana recently experienced the consequences of popping a pimple on their face. Hope, as they are known on TikTok, shared a video on September 6th showcasing the aftermath of their decision. The video serves as a warning to others about the dangers of popping pimples.

Hope revealed that they had popped a pimple on their upper lip, only to wake up later with a swollen face. A visit to the doctor confirmed that they had contracted a staph infection. According to other TikTok users, the area where Hope’s pimple was located is known as the “triangle of death,” which refers to the region of the nose and corners of the mouth. This area is prone to infections due to the close proximity to blood vessels connected to the skull.

Dr. Teresa Song, a dermatologist, explained that popping a pimple breaks the skin’s protective barrier, allowing naturally occurring bacteria to enter and cause infections. This risk is heightened in the triangular danger zone of the face. To treat pimples effectively, Song recommends using hydrocolloid patches or spot treatments containing sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid. In severe cases, cortisone injections may be necessary.

Hope’s cautionary video has prompted others to reconsider their pimple-popping habits and opt for safer treatments. Commenters expressed their support for using pimple patches and other non-invasive methods to address acne.

It is essential to prioritize the health of our skin and take precautions to avoid infections. Rather than risking further complications, it is wise to explore alternative treatments for pimples.

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