The Pursuit of Better Healthcare: Peter Freska’s Mission

The Pursuit of Better Healthcare: Peter Freska’s Mission

Peter Freska believes that the United States has the best healthcare system in the world, but acknowledges that it has its flaws. As a benefit adviser and partner at Acrisure, Freska has made it his mission to navigate these complexities and make quality healthcare accessible to all. He focuses on serving self-insured small and mid-size clients with fewer than 500 employees, aiming to provide them with the same benefits as larger enterprise organizations.

Freska champions captive self-funding as a solution, enabling smaller organizations to access better healthcare options while sharing and minimizing risk. Additionally, he aims to simplify the healthcare value chain by removing layers of friction, allowing employers and employees to have direct and affordable access to care. One of his key initiatives involves breaking down barriers between employees and primary care, making it more accessible and affordable.

By prioritizing primary care with a $0 copay, Freska has seen positive impacts on both near-term and long-term healthcare costs. Actuarially, reducing the copay from $30 to $0 for primary care benefits employers over time, as it encourages employees to seek early medical attention and address health concerns before they escalate. In contrast, high deductible health plans often discourage individuals from seeking necessary medical care due to out-of-pocket expenses.

Freska emphasizes the importance of establishing close partnerships with clients to effectively implement these strategies. This transcends the traditional adviser/employer relationship and focuses on long-term goals for employee health. By aligning their efforts with an organization’s vision for their employees’ well-being, Freska and his team aim to achieve mutual success.

In conclusion, Peter Freska is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare system by providing small and mid-size employers with the same quality benefits as larger organizations. Through captive self-funding and streamlining the value chain, he aims to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and impactful. By prioritizing primary care and fostering strong partnerships with clients, Freska strives to empower employers and employees to achieve optimal health outcomes.

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