Improving Access to Healthcare: A Partner’s Perspective

Improving Access to Healthcare: A Partner’s Perspective

Peter Freska, a benefit adviser and partner at Acrisure, believes that despite its flaws, the U.S. healthcare system is the best in the world. However, he acknowledges that there are complications along the path of delivering care. With a focus on self-insured small and mid-size clients, Freska aims to provide them with the same quality healthcare that larger enterprises have access to.

Freska’s approach involves leveraging captive self-funding to give smaller organizations better options while minimizing risk. By compressing the value chain of healthcare, he aims to remove unnecessary layers of friction, enabling employers and employees to have more direct and affordable access to care. One aspect of this involves prioritizing primary care with a $0 copay, which encourages employees to seek medical attention and be proactive about their health.

The impact of reducing the copay for primary care is twofold. Actuarially, it benefits the employer over time by reducing the overall cost of care. Additionally, it encourages individuals to seek early medical intervention and learn about any potential health concerns, leading to better long-term outcomes. In contrast, high deductible health plans may discourage individuals from seeking medical help due to out-of-pocket costs.

To implement this strategy, close partnerships with clients are crucial. Freska believes that the adviser/employer relationship should extend beyond tactical considerations, focusing instead on the organization’s vision for their employees’ health in the long term. By helping employers and employees succeed, Acrisure also benefits as their trusted partner.

By addressing the complexities of the U.S. healthcare system and advocating for better access to care, Peter Freska and his team at Acrisure are working towards a more inclusive and effective healthcare system for all.


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