Kano State Reports Suspected Diphtheria Outbreak Resulting in Child Deaths

Kano State Reports Suspected Diphtheria Outbreak Resulting in Child Deaths

The Director General of the Kano State Primary Healthcare Management Board, Dr. Mohammed Nasir Mahmoud, has revealed that approximately 520 children in Kano State are suspected to have died from a diphtheria outbreak. The outbreak has been identified as a major concern and efforts are being made to combat and control the spread of the disease by December. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) organized a media dialogue in Kano to address this issue.

According to Dr. Mahmoud, the reported cases of diphtheria in Kano State this year alone amount to about 8,700, with 6,000 confirmed. However, there is a belief that the actual figures are higher due to discrepancies in the reporting system. Currently, Kano State accounts for 80% of the outbreak.

UNICEF’s Chief of Kano Field Office, Mr. Rahama Farah, expressed concern about the situation, highlighting the threat it poses to child survival and well-being. The outbreak has spread to 39 out of 44 Local Government Areas in the state, with the worst affected being the 8 metropolitan LGAs.

UNICEF has provided support to the Kano State government in response to the outbreak, including the delivery of 1.2 million doses of vaccines. It is crucial for caregivers to ensure that their children are vaccinated as this is an effective preventive measure against the disease.

Dr. Serekeberehan S. Deres, the UNICEF Health Manager, stressed the need for decentralized treatment centers to expedite response treatment and curb the spread of the disease. In order to overcome the challenges posed by this outbreak, collaboration and support from all stakeholders is essential.

In conclusion, urgent action is required to address the diphtheria outbreak in Kano State. Efforts are being made to combat the disease and bring it under control by December. Vaccination plays a crucial role in prevention, and support from organizations like UNICEF is vital in providing necessary resources to combat the outbreak effectively.

– The Guardian Nigeria

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