Health Secretary Visits Hospitals in Response to Dengue Outbreak

Health Secretary Visits Hospitals in Response to Dengue Outbreak

In response to a rise in dengue cases in the state, Health Secretary R Rajesh Kumar has been making visits to government hospitals in various parts of the state to assess the situation and ensure necessary arrangements are in place. During a recent visit to the base hospital in Haldwani, Kumar expressed his displeasure with the mismanagement and lack of facilities for dengue patients. He instructed hospital authorities to improve the situation and made it clear that any discrepancies in the treatment of dengue patients would not be tolerated.

During his inspection, Kumar discovered that the hospital’s ICU was not operational, and he immediately directed the hospital authorities to ensure that it becomes functional as soon as possible. He also visited the different wards of the hospital, including the dengue ward, emergency ward, dialysis unit, and blood bank, where he interacted with patients and assessed the overall conditions.

One significant directive given by the health secretary is to ensure that treatment for Ayushman card holders is provided free of cost in both government and private hospitals. Kumar also expressed his dissatisfaction with the slow pace of dengue testing and instructed officials to conduct more tests to ensure timely treatment for patients.

Addressing the media, Kumar revealed that there are currently 307 active cases of dengue in the state. He assured that hospital beds are available and emphasized that platelet administration should only be done when necessary. Additionally, he stated that penalties would be imposed on hospitals that fail to properly treat dengue patients.

The health secretary has taken action to regulate the rates of dengue tests and treatment, and district magistrates have been instructed to take action against hospitals that are overcharging patients. Dr. Bhagirathi Joshi, the chief medical officer of Nainital, and Dr. Arun Joshi, the principal of Haldwani Medical College, accompanied Kumar during his inspection.

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