Dover Welcomes Brian Frazee as New President and CEO of Delaware Healthcare Association

Dover Welcomes Brian Frazee as New President and CEO of Delaware Healthcare Association

The Delaware Healthcare Association has recently announced the appointment of Brian Frazee as its new president and CEO. Frazee’s extensive background in advocacy, combined with his experience in lobbying and campaign management, makes him an ideal fit for this prominent position.

Frazee’s impressive resume includes positions in lobbying firms and involvement in Maryland state campaigns. He has also been an active member of the Maryland Association of Community Services for the past eight years. His diverse experience in healthcare and advocacy makes him well-equipped to lead the Delaware Healthcare Association and further its mission to improve healthcare in the state.

This appointment comes after an exhaustive nationwide search that lasted for eight months. The Delaware Healthcare Association sought a candidate who would bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the organization. Frazee’s proven track record in advocacy and his strong leadership skills made him the clear choice for this important role.

As the president and CEO, Frazee will be responsible for overseeing the operations and strategic direction of the Delaware Healthcare Association. He will work closely with healthcare providers, policymakers, and stakeholders to advocate for policies that promote access to quality healthcare for all Delaware residents.

This news is sure to be welcomed by the healthcare community in Delaware. Frazee’s arrival brings a wealth of expertise and a commitment to making a positive impact on healthcare in the state. With his leadership, the Delaware Healthcare Association is poised to continue its important work in advancing healthcare initiatives and improving the well-being of individuals and communities throughout Delaware.

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– President and CEO: The highest-ranking executive in an organization who is responsible for making strategic decisions, overseeing operations, and leading the organization towards its goals.
– Advocacy: The act of supporting or promoting a cause or policy through various means, such as lobbying, campaigning, and public education. Advocacy is often used to influence decision-makers and drive positive change in society.

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