Chris Whitty to Give Evidence at Covid Inquiry

Chris Whitty to Give Evidence at Covid Inquiry

Sir Chris Whitty, England’s chief medical officer, is set to provide evidence today at the ongoing Covid inquiry. This comes after former chief scientific adviser Sir Patrick Vallance revealed that he and Sir Chris held differing views on when to implement lockdown measures. While Sir Patrick advocated for earlier restrictions in March and September 2020, Sir Chris raised concerns about the broader consequences of these measures on people’s health and the economy. Despite their disagreements, Sir Patrick described the debate as “useful and helpful.”

Throughout the pandemic, Sir Chris has played a crucial role in managing the health crisis and has become a household name alongside the prime minister. As an infectious disease epidemiologist, he brings a wealth of expertise to the table and continues to work on the frontlines at a London hospital.

During a previous appearance at the inquiry, Sir Chris highlighted the novelty of lockdowns as a “big new idea.” The prospect of legally mandating people to stay at home had not been seriously considered before 2020. He emphasized that such measures had significant social and economic consequences. The chief medical officer stated that it would have been surprising if scientists had independently proposed lockdowns without government involvement.

In addition, Sir Chris defended the government’s scientific advisory group Sage, which he co-chaired. He argued against expanding the group with numerous experts, suggesting that their focus should solely be on scientific matters. He believed it was vital to separate discussions on the economic and societal impacts of pandemic responses.

Looking ahead, Sir Chris acknowledged the need for improved testing capabilities and cited countries like South Korea and Canada as examples to learn from. These nations heavily invested in public health infrastructure following previous viral outbreaks. However, he also stated that planning for a virus like Covid was challenging, as flu pandemics were considered more likely.

During today’s inquiry, Sir Chris will provide insights into the UK government’s response during the first wave of the virus. The session will begin at 10:00 GMT, and live coverage will be available on the BBC News website.


What is the Covid inquiry?
The Covid inquiry is an investigation conducted to assess the UK government’s response to the pandemic and to identify key lessons for the future.

Who is Sir Chris Whitty?
Sir Chris Whitty is England’s chief medical officer and the UK government’s chief medical adviser. He has been at the forefront of managing the Covid crisis in the country.

What were the differing views between Sir Chris Whitty and Sir Patrick Vallance?
According to Sir Patrick Vallance, he advocated for implementing lockdown measures earlier than Sir Chris Whitty during March and September 2020. Sir Chris expressed concerns about the broader consequences of these restrictions on people’s health and the economy.

Why did Sir Chris describe lockdowns as a “big new idea”?
Sir Chris Whitty viewed lockdown measures, such as legally compelling people to stay at home, as a significant departure from previous strategies. He emphasized that it was a radical approach that had not been seriously considered before 2020.

Source: BBC News

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