Campeau and Ungrund Recognized for Making Healthcare Safer in Wyoming

Campeau and Ungrund Recognized for Making Healthcare Safer in Wyoming

Campeau and Ungrund, along with two other Wyoming nurses, were recently honored with the inaugural Healthcare Leadership Award at the Wyoming Hospital Association’s annual meeting in 2023. The award recognizes their dedication and efforts to improve healthcare safety in the state.

This group of nurses, including Campeau and Ungrund, worked tirelessly over the course of 12 months to draft legislative language, engage with policy makers, and share their personal experiences with workplace violence. Their advocacy aimed to enhance criminal penalties for acts of violence committed against healthcare workers.

The recognition of Campeau, Ungrund, and their colleagues acknowledges the courage and poise they displayed throughout their advocacy journey. By speaking up and working towards meaningful change, they have been instrumental in making healthcare safer for all individuals in Wyoming.

The Healthcare Leadership Award serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing workplace violence in healthcare settings. It highlights the need for legislation that protects healthcare workers and holds perpetrators accountable for their actions.

By recognizing the efforts of these nurses, the Wyoming Hospital Association hopes to inspire others in the healthcare industry to take action and create safer environments for all. Campeau, Ungrund, and their fellow awardees have set an example of how individual advocacy can bring about positive change in the field of healthcare.

Congratulations to Campeau, Ungrund, and all the Wyoming nurses who received the Healthcare Leadership Award. Their commitment to making healthcare safer for everyone in the Cowboy State is deserving of this recognition.

– Wyoming Hospital Association (press release, no URL provided)

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