Codoxo Launches ClaimPilot to Enhance Healthcare Payment Integrity

Codoxo Launches ClaimPilot to Enhance Healthcare Payment Integrity

Codoxo, a leading provider of artificial intelligence solutions for healthcare payers, agencies, and pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs), has introduced its latest product, ClaimPilot. This generative AI tool aims to improve healthcare cost containment and payment integrity programs by increasing efficiency and addressing workforce constraints.

ClaimPilot focuses on automating in-patient and facility claim audits, a critical need for health insurers. This technology milestone has not yet been achieved in the healthcare industry. By automating complex healthcare claims, ClaimPilot frees up clinicians and administrators to focus on higher priority areas, ultimately reducing the cost of healthcare in the United States.

In-patient and facility claims contribute significantly to healthcare costs, but they are often overlooked due to their complexity. Healthcare payers, third-party administrators, and government agencies typically allocate their limited resources to auditing professional claims. ClaimPilot aims to accelerate audit turnaround times, increase the number of clinician audits per day, and eliminate dollar thresholds that restrict claims analysis to high-value claims.

Codoxo plans to integrate ClaimPilot into its range of healthcare AI products that address the entire payment integrity lifecycle. With ClaimPilot, clinicians will be able to complete an audit in less than 24 hours, compared to the current average of 15 days. The automation provided by ClaimPilot will significantly increase efficiencies, allowing clinicians to perform more than 20 audits per day. Additionally, there will no longer be limitations on the number of claims that healthcare payers can review, audit, or investigate.

Codoxo’s entrance into healthcare AI began over a decade ago when CEO and Founder, Musheer Ahmed, earned his PhD from the Georgia Institute of Technology, focusing on AI technology in the payment integrity space. Since then, Codoxo has built an award-winning Unified Cost Containment Platform that enables healthcare payer teams to maximize savings across all claim types.

To support its expanding AI initiatives, Codoxo is hiring data scientists, data engineers, and project managers. For more information on career opportunities, visit their website.

Codoxo aims to revolutionize the healthcare industry by delivering greater transparency, automation, collaboration, and outcomes in cost containment. Their mission is to make healthcare more affordable and effective for all.

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