Clearpath for Patients: Revolutionizing Medical Image Sharing with AI-Powered Patient Solution

Clearpath for Patients: Revolutionizing Medical Image Sharing with AI-Powered Patient Solution

Clearpath Technologies has unveiled its revolutionary patient solution, PatientConnect, developed in collaboration with prominent healthcare facilities. This groundbreaking platform aims to enhance the patient experience by enabling the digital sharing of x-rays, MRIs, and CT-scans.

Traditionally, patients had to wait days or even weeks to receive their imaging files on CDs. However, Clearpath eliminates this delay by providing patients with quick, automatic, and digital access to their medical images.

Through Clearpath’s web, iOS, and Android apps, patients can effortlessly request, securely store, and share their records and imaging with trusted providers and family members. The platform’s integration with each facility’s electronic health records (EHR), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), and other health information systems allows providers to validate and release records and images within minutes of completion.

One of the notable features of Clearpath is its AI-powered patient experience. By leveraging artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the platform translates complex radiology reports into plain English that patients can easily understand. This empowers patients to actively participate in their healthcare decisions and enhances communication between patients and healthcare providers.

Moreover, Clearpath’s automated digital workflow significantly reduces fulfillment times and eliminates the need for manual efforts. The platform automatically provides patients with access to their records and images as per the facility’s schedule, eliminating costly and time-consuming manual processes.

Kamil Rahme, Chief Technology Officer of Clearpath, highlights the transformative potential of the platform for both healthcare facilities and patients. Rahme emphasizes that many health systems currently rely on limited legacy systems, whereas Clearpath offers seamless integration with various systems and networks, ultimately reducing fulfillment times by up to 90%.

Clearpath President, Lauren Brown, stresses the company’s mission to drive the digital transformation of medical record and image sharing. The platform aims to provide patients with a clear path to take control of their healthcare by enabling them to receive, store, understand, and share their medical images digitally. This marks a significant departure from the outdated methods of sharing medical records that have persisted for decades.

Clearpath Technologies’ automated platform is set to revolutionize medical record and image sharing across the entire care continuum. By empowering patients and streamlining healthcare workflows, Clearpath is spearheading the digital transformation of medical imaging.

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