Teenager’s Speeding Results in Destructive Crash at Lincoln Intersection

Teenager’s Speeding Results in Destructive Crash at Lincoln Intersection

A speeding driver caused a destructive crash at a busy intersection in Lincoln, Nebraska, leaving four people injured and a local pharmacy facing significant damage. The incident occurred at midnight on Tuesday at the intersection of 27th and Vine Streets, involving a Nissan Frontier and a Honda Civic.

Lincoln Police stated that they attempted to stop the speeding Nissan Frontier near 27th and Nebraska Parkway, but the driver fled from the officer and continued northbound on 27th Street. Disregarding a red light, the pickup truck collided with the eastbound Honda Civic, which had the right of way with a green light. The force of the impact caused the pickup truck to crash into Kohll’s Pharmacy, resulting in all three occupants inside being ejected.

Officers and emergency responders arrived quickly at the scene and provided immediate medical assistance. Kohll’s Pharmacy received a security alert about the crash, and staff members have been working diligently to repair the damage and resume normal operations. The waiting area for patients in the pharmacy suffered significant damage, but the windows were boarded up, allowing the business to remain open throughout the day.

Angie Nelson, an employee at Kohll’s Pharmacy, expressed her devastation over the incident. She described the pharmacy as her store and her home, and the sight of the damage brought her to tears. The extent of the damage to the pharmacy is still unknown, and repairs will be necessary to restore the facility.

The investigation into the crash is ongoing, and Lincoln Police are seeking any additional information or video footage from witnesses. Those with information are encouraged to contact the police department or Crime Stoppers.

In conclusion, this destructive crash caused by a speeding driver emphasizes the importance of obeying traffic laws and driving responsibly. The incident resulted in injuries, significant property damage, and disruptions to the affected businesses and individuals. The aftermath of such accidents can be devastating, and it serves as a reminder for everyone to prioritize safety on the roads.

– Speeding: Driving above the designated speed limit.
– Intersection: The point where two or more roads meet or cross each other.
– Ejected: Thrown or forced out of a vehicle as a result of a collision or sudden impact.

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