Camden Unveils Unique Marijuana Dispensary Inside Local Pharmacy

Camden Unveils Unique Marijuana Dispensary Inside Local Pharmacy

Camden, NJ – In a groundbreaking move for New Jersey’s cannabis industry, a new dispensary has opened its doors inside a neighborhood pharmacy. Bell Rexall Pharmacy is now home to Camden Apothecary, a one-stop shop offering medical and recreational marijuana. With this new addition, Camden is setting a unique precedent as the first city in the state to house a dispensary within a traditional pharmacy setting.

The soft launch of Camden Apothecary took place earlier this week, with elected officials and business leaders in attendance. This dispensary joins the ranks of over 50 adult-use cannabis retailers that have emerged across New Jersey. However, it stands out due to its location within this longtime community pharmacy on Haddon Avenue.

Customers visiting Camden Apothecary have the convenience of ordering their products online and picking them up in a secure area of the store. For those over the age of 21, a digital kiosk is available in the reception area, with comfortable seating provided. The spacious bud bar on the second level offers a range of cannabis products, all locally grown and manufactured in New Jersey, including flower, concentrates, edibles, vapors, and pre-rolled items.

Nichelle Pace, the vice president of the Camden Business Association and the designer of the dispensary space, aimed to create an experience that’s distinct from other dispensaries. The store ambiance is enhanced by soft music playing throughout the area.

Looking ahead, Camden Apothecary plans to introduce home delivery within a 25-mile radius in about a week, providing a convenient option for customers unable to visit the physical location. This service complements their existing home delivery service for prescription orders.


Q: What makes Camden Apothecary unique?
A: Camden Apothecary is the first dispensary in New Jersey’s cannabis industry to be located inside a neighborhood pharmacy.

Q: What products are available at Camden Apothecary?
A: Camden Apothecary offers a wide range of cannabis products, including flower, concentrates, edibles, vapors, and pre-rolled items, all grown and manufactured in New Jersey.

Q: Can customers order products online?
A: Yes, customers can conveniently order products online and pick them up in a secured area at the store.

Q: Does Camden Apothecary provide home delivery?
A: Yes, within a 25-mile radius in New Jersey, home delivery service will be available starting in about a week.

Q: Are there plans for expanding the dispensary’s product offerings?
A: Yes, Camden Apothecary plans to add wellness items like topicals and tinctures to its product lineup in the future.

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