New York Man Arrested for Stealing $4,300 Worth of Pharmacy Products

New York Man Arrested for Stealing $4,300 Worth of Pharmacy Products

EAST LYME, Conn. – In a daring shoplifting incident, a man was apprehended on Saturday after stealing over $4,300 worth of pharmacy products from a store in East Lyme, Connecticut. The East Lyme police swiftly responded to a report of shoplifting at a CVS on Chesterfield Road. They later located an individual matching the suspect’s description in the parking lot of a nearby Walgreens store.

The suspect, identified as 50-year-old Arnold Ludd from Brooklyn, New York, was found to have active arrest warrants from several jurisdictions: Allentown and Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Warren County, New Jersey, and Monroe, Connecticut.

Upon further investigation, the police discovered that Ludd had taken a variety of pharmaceutical items from inside the Walgreens, including Mucinex, Claritin, Zyrtec, Flonase, Allegra, and Nexium, all valued at approximately $4,360. Fortunately, the stolen merchandise was later recovered by the officers.

Ludd, who initially provided the police with a false name, now faces charges of larceny in the 5th degree and interfering with an officer. He is currently being held on a $15,000 bond and is expected to appear in New London Superior Court on Monday.


Q: What is larceny in the 5th degree?
A: Larceny in the 5th degree refers to the theft of property of a value between $500 and $999, which is considered a misdemeanor in Connecticut.

Q: What does it mean to interfere with an officer?
A: Interfering with an officer involves obstructing or hindering a law enforcement officer while they are performing their official duties.

Q: Can the suspect be extradited to the jurisdictions with active arrest warrants?
A: It depends on the specific legal procedures and agreements between the jurisdictions involved. Extradition typically occurs when an individual has been charged with a crime in one jurisdiction and is apprehended in another.

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