Can Cheese Boost Brain Health in Older Adults?

Can Cheese Boost Brain Health in Older Adults?

Researchers in Japan have discovered a potential link between cheese consumption and better brain health in older adults. A recent study conducted in Tokyo monitored the health and dietary habits of over 1,500 individuals aged 65 and above. The findings revealed that those who regularly consumed cheese performed better in cognitive tests compared to those who did not.

While further research is needed to confirm these results, scientists speculate that certain nutrients present in cheese could enhance brain function. Previous studies have suggested that physical activity, a Mediterranean diet, and dairy intake may delay or prevent cognitive decline.

In this study, around 80% of the participants included cheese in their diets, with processed cheese being the most popular choice. The volunteers underwent a thorough cognitive evaluation, which showed that regular cheese consumers had better cognitive function compared to non-cheese eaters.

Furthermore, cheese enthusiasts had lower body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, and faster walking speed. They also exhibited more dietary variety, although they had higher cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Although this study suggests a potential inverse association between cheese intake and cognitive function, it does not definitively establish a cause-and-effect relationship. Further studies are needed to validate these results and determine if other factors contribute to the findings.

While more research is needed, incorporating cheese into your diet may have potential benefits for brain health in older adults. It is important to make dietary choices in consultation with healthcare professionals.

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