Bride and Groom Consider Legal Action over Gastro Outbreak at Wedding Reception

Bride and Groom Consider Legal Action over Gastro Outbreak at Wedding Reception

A bride and groom are contemplating taking legal action after a gastro outbreak struck more than 30 guests who attended their wedding reception at a venue in Albert Park. The Health Department has reported that over 30 people who dined at The Park on Saturday have experienced symptoms similar to gastroenteritis throughout the week, with at least two individuals being hospitalized on Monday night.

Although investigations are still ongoing, health officials do not believe this outbreak is related to the cluster of listeria cases being investigated in Victoria. One attendee, who chose to remain anonymous, revealed that guests had a choice between chicken or pork for their main meal. The couple, who are currently considering legal action, have informed their family that they are gathering statements in support of a potential class action lawsuit.

According to the unidentified guest, there may be as many as 70 people out of the 300 attendees who have fallen ill. Symptoms reported by guests include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, and delirium. This guest also mentioned that there were several elderly people among those affected.

The Health Department has issued a statement confirming their awareness of the gastroenteritis outbreak and their collaboration with the Port Phillip Council to identify the source and implement necessary infection prevention measures. The Park, a venue known for hosting weddings with a capacity of up to 500 seated guests, is cooperating with the investigation.

In addition to this outbreak, an investigation is underway regarding a listeriosis outbreak in the state. Chief Health Officer Clare Looker issued a warning about a multi-state cluster of listeriosis that is currently being investigated nationwide. This outbreak, linked to shredded chicken supplied by M&J Chickens, has affected over 30 people. Listeriosis is considered a potentially serious infection, especially for older individuals, pregnant women, and those with underlying health conditions.

People experiencing symptoms of gastroenteritis or listeriosis are advised to visit the Health Department’s website for more information. It is crucial for individuals at higher risk to avoid consuming high-risk foods.

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