Annual Breast in Show Fundraiser Returns with ’80s Prom Theme

Annual Breast in Show Fundraiser Returns with ’80s Prom Theme

The second annual Breast in Show fundraiser, organized by Advanced Medical Imaging, is set to take place this week. This year, the event will have a new theme, encouraging attendees to dress like they’re attending an ’80s prom. The aim of the fundraiser is to raise money for breast screenings.

Scott Morrow, an administrator at Advanced Medical Imaging, expressed his excitement for the event, stating, “Everybody’s encouraged to dress up like it’s the ’80s again. We’re going to take them back in time with nostalgia and celebrate.” Morrow plans to change the event’s theme every year and chose the ’80s prom night theme because it seemed like a fun decade to celebrate.

The Breast in Show fundraiser will be held at Bel Air Events, located at 3014 S. Webster St. The new location provides a larger event space, allowing more people to attend. The event will run from 5-10 p.m. on Friday.

In addition to the theme change, the fundraiser will feature an auction of decorated bras and baskets filled with donations from local businesses. This auction is the primary source of funds for the event. Last year’s fundraiser still continues to support individuals who cannot afford a breast screening.

If you or someone you know is unable to afford a medical screening, you can reach out to Advanced Medical Imaging at 765-454-9729. Amanda Beasley, Advanced Medical Imaging’s practice liaison, emphasized the importance of not letting anyone go without this essential screening, as breast cancer can develop rapidly. Early detection is crucial in the fight against breast cancer.

Individual tickets for the Breast in Show fundraiser can be purchased for $50, while a table that seats 10 people costs $450. Tickets are available for purchase on by searching for “Breast in Show.”

– Advanced Medical Imaging
– Amanda Beasley, Advanced Medical Imaging’s practice liaison

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